Sites recruiting patients



Oslo University Hospital Oslo, Norway Contact: Bjørn A Bjørnbeth, MD PhD Contact: Sheraz Yaqub, MD PhD


Haukeland University Hospital Bergen, Norway Contact: Arild Horn, MD PhD


Stavanger University Hospital Stavanger, Norway Contact: Oddvar Mathias Sandvik, MD PhD


University Hospital of North-Norway Tromsø, Norway Contact: Kim Erlend Mortensen, MD PhD


St Olavs Hospital Trondheim, Norway Contact: Jon Erik Grønbech, MD PhD



Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm, Sweden Contact: Ernesto Sparelid, MD PhD


Sahlgranska University Hospital Gothenburg, Sweden Contact: Magnus Rizell, MD PhD


Linköping University Hospital Linköping, Sweden Contact: Per Sandström, MD PhD


Lund University,Skåne Hospital Lund, Sweden Contact: Gert Lindell, MD PhD


Uppsala University Hospital Uppsala, Sweden Contact: Bengt Isaksson, MD PhD


University Hospital of Umeå Umeå, Sweden Contact: Oskar Hemmingsson, MD PhD



Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark Contact: Peter Larsen, MD PhD


Aarhus University Hospital Aarhus, Denmark Contact: Frank V Mortensen, MD PhD


Odense University Hospital Odense, Denmark Contact: Claus W Fristrup, MD PhD